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so i want to try using paypal.. this is my first time so sorry if i make mistakes ><

Bullet; Black Please make sure you read everything before commissioning me
Bullet; Black I have the right to decline your request if I'm uncomfortable with it
Bullet; Black First come first serve
Bullet; Black Don't rush me ._. I have school and other things too
Bullet; Black Pay after I confirm your commission
Bullet; Black I will note/e-mail you your commission on full resolution w/o watermark



Sample :
[AT] Popomi by ameriya    

Price : 15$ (including fees)
 +12$ for couples
 +1$~5$ for complicated design
max. 2 characters / picture


Headshot :

Sample : 
   ChukoMiku by ameriya  

Price : 20$ (including fees)
+18$ for couples
+1$~5$ for complicated design
max. 2 characters / picture


Half Body :

Sample : 

HBD Myul by ameriya    Envy by ameriya    

Price : 30$ (including fees)
+2$~8$ for complicated design
max. 1 characters / picture
please give me freedom to do the background ;^;/


                              I do:                       
Bullet; Green Boys / Girls / Shotas
Bullet; Green Kemonomimi / Human
Bullet; Green OC / Fan art

I don't do:
Bullet; Red Anthro / Furries
Bullet; Red R18
Bullet; Red Old ppl
Bullet; Red Mecha
Bullet; Red Muscle
Bullet; Red Realistic style


Note me with this form
Bullet; Black dA username : 
Bullet; Black Type of commission : (Chibi, Headshot, or Halfbody)
Bullet; Black Paypal email : ( I can know which your payment is )
Bullet; Black E-mail : (in case you want me to send your commission through your e-mail)
Bullet; Black Reference picture : (clear reference, visual only please)
Bullet; Black Character's details : (name, personality, age, etc.. )


If you're interested, note me with the form :iconheureshiiplz:

Slots :
i only want to try paypal first so 3 slots '-')/ I'll add more slots in the future if this going well

Feel free to ask me anything! Thanks for reading ^-^
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August 28, 2015
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